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PAAFIS 2021 September 24 - 25, 2021 Ankara – Turkey, Early Registration Deadline: July 1, 2021 Abstract Submision Open: January 10, 2021Abstract Submission Deadline For Interesting Cases: August 15, 2021


PAAFIS is an interdisciplinary forum on foregut disease from birth to adults. It brings together surgeons, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, therapists, as well as patients and caregivers, providing a platform for comprehensive care on all aspects of the human foregut.

PAAFIS is the only, international interdisciplinary organization which brings experts in field of pediatrics to teach, learn and assist physicians around the globe. It started as a concept in 2012 when a pediatric gastroenterologist and surgeon were discussing medically complex patient. It was at that moment, that we realized how often we were lacking an adequate and timely input from various specialties in challenging cases. We decided to create a model were a collective approach would be used to optimize medical decision making. We identified leading experts from medical and surgical fields across the continents. We incorporated their knowledge, expertise, skills and will to advance abilities of local and international medical and surgical communities through conferences, hands-on courses, live case discussions and collaboration in trans-institutional research.

We set on the mission of PAAFIS to help medical and surgical communities around the world in care for common and uncommon medical conditions. Our symposia teach, provide hands-on experience and allow to share medical and surgical knowledge among physicians. We are the only organization where patients and their families are invited to come and discuss their problems and concerns and obtain free medical and surgical advice from leaders in the field. Strength through learning and sharing with best outcomes for our patients at the core of our mission.

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